CAD Translation

CAD documentation translation and DXF and DWG drawing text export and import to MS Excel, XLIFF and CSV file formats. Both services are based on Muldrato© - a reliable technical documentation translation program. Muldrato© ensures high quality drawing translations (Autodesk certificate of TrustedDWG).

I. Muldrato© Service without translation

Exporting/importing text from drawings. If you want to translate the texts in your drawing on you own but you are not an engineer and you lack the adequate tools, contact us!

Given the broad interest in Muldrato© among translators, we have decided to incorporate DXF/DWG drawing text export and import into our standard offer. We can export texts from drawings to a MS Excel table or a XLIFF file upon request to streamline the translation process for customers using SDL Trados, XTM, MemoQ, etc.

The service includes:

  • DXF/DWG file text export
  • Text content analysis and optimisation for translators
  • Import of translated texts to source files
  • Analysis and adjustment of translated texts to original file formats (width, location, fonts, formatting, etc.)

Advantages of our bespoke service:

  • CAD software no longer required
  • Design skills and CAD software working knowledge not essential
  • Unaltered graphics (working with text alone)
  • Translation Memory saving and storage for future projects at Client's request
  • Export of texts from drawings to selected file formats (e.g., Ms Excel, XLIFF)
  • Optimisation of text lists exported to translation table
  • Fast and accurate file to drawing import of translated texts
  • Drawing validation (overlapping elements, logo display, etc.)

II. Muldrato© Service with translation

This comprehensive service includes:

  • Full DXF/DWG drawing translation
  • Muldrato© for accurate translation of texts extracted from drawings (drawings with RealDWG© certificate)
  • Translation Memory saving for future reference (automatic translation of repeated phrases)
  • Translation text list optimisation reducing translation costs (removal of numbers, repetitions, etc.)
  • Translated drawings available in source and PDF format
  • Multiple language versions of a drawing saved on different language layers
  • Automatic missing font substitution
  • Drawing standardisation


  • High quality
  • Time-saving
  • Drawing standardisation
  • Glossaries for future translations
  • Cooperation with experts

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*The price is subject to the number of drawings, characters including spaces and selected source and target language combination.