Fast and precise CAD and PDF file editing software. Composed of three modules, each dedicated to different tasks. Individual modules can also be purchased. Cad2Work Modules:

  • PDF Editor

For addition and editing of texts, objects and dimensioning in PDF files. Embedded functions allow to: 

  1. Edit and type texts
  2. Edit and add graphic objects
  3. Look for texts in a drawing
  4. Add measurments
  5. Print
  • CAD Editor

Precise DXF and DWG file editor. Fingertip access to viewing and editing of all drawing elements (graphics, texts, and dimensioning). Versatile CAD Editor features for a wide range of applications include batch printing (streamlining serial printing), annotating, and drawing contour closing.

  • CAD&DTP Converter

Powerful, professional tool set for DWG, DGN, DWF, and HPGL file conversion into popular raster and vector formats. For flawless and precise Batch-Mode and 1:1 conversion. Multiple, user-friendly and high quality conversion adjustment parameters.

To test drive our software you can download the free demo version (link).

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